SHOOT: Eyes that can see Invisibility!

Scores of such VFX-related questions crop up during shoots, especially concerning visual elements that you do not yet see! So it makes sense to have Firefly's VFX Crew on shoots. Just like the Cinematography Crew manages cinematography issues and the Stunts Crew manages stunts, our VFX Crew manages all VFX issues. We offer you the following VFX Shoot services:

Visual Effects Supervision
The VFX Supervisor is your pointsman for all VFX issues on the floor. Right from setting up a VFX shot, to staging it, reviewing it for timing, composition & readiness for post-production, Firefly's VFX Supervisor is your directorial ally on all VFX shots. Especially since s/he has eyes that can see Invisibility!

Data Wrangling
While the VFX Supervisor strategizes & executes the principal shoot, Firefly's Data Wrangling Crew operates in rapid stealth mode, recording all data necessary for VFX post-production. Slate data, shot description, camera information, its co-ordinates, lighting schematics, HDRI photography, plate photography, marker placements & special remarks are their domain.

On-location Pre-Vis
Sitting in the vicinity of the shooting floor, Firefly's crew of CG Artists validates each VFX shot periodically. Operating in guerilla style, they capture videos of ok takes, pull rough mattes, create quick & dirty CG plates, track them in and create previews for the Director & VFX Supervisor. They make detailed notes of the feedback and flag all approved shots for post-production.

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Set Survey
This Crew works when the rest of the crew is not shooting. They survey the physical set, measure it, photograph it & generate all data necessary to create an accurate CG model of the physical set. If you ever need to shoot in a set that no longer exists, this is a great Plan B.

Firefly charges transparent hourly rates for these services.