PRE-VIS: See Your Movie Before You Film It!

I am a filmmaker with lots of ideas, but...

If you have such questions on your mind, do not rush into filming! Bring them to us. And we will create cinematically-correct computer simulations of your ideas.

That's it! That's what Pre-Vis is all about.

Characters, Locations, Props, Action... you name it and we will simulate them. You can then use these simulations to:

All this, before you film a single frame! Pre-Vis with us, and bid goodbye to creative uncertainty & budget overruns.

Firefly is a great place to Pre-Vis at. Not only for its multiple award-winning credentials, but also for its serene lawns, tangy lemon tea & such. We offer you the following Pre-Vis services:

Bounce your ideas off our VFX Supervisors, Creative Thinkers & Producers. Get more ideas, what-ifs, why-nots, analyses, breakdowns, demos & ballparks in a free-flowing, friendly mental world.

Character Design
Humans, animals, plants, elements and inanimates – they are all characters to us. Tip us off, and we will get your characters a physique, dress, body-language, emotions, quirks, voice, history & destiny... In short, we will get them a life!

Location Design
Exteriors, interiors, eco-systems, planets, fantasy-scapes & netherworlds. Wherever your characters exist, we will recce, shoot, sketch, stitch, model, and do whatever else it takes to make them inhabitable.

Prop Design
Weapons, furniture, gadgets, toys, accessories – anything that would count as a consumer product, but fictional. Describe its purpose to us and watch us design it from ground up – form, function, ergonomics, branding et al.

Lay out virtual characters & props into virtual locations. Animate their action. Set virtual cameras. Record & review. There, that's your shot! Don't like it? Change layout, change action, change camera. Record & review. Repeat as many times as it takes to please you. Flexible, quick & inexpensive.

Your characters don't have to be fully animated in Pre-Vis. A pose here, a close-up there or a particular emotion could do with live-action. With several trained actors at Firefly, you could even stage & test an entire scene in live-action!

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Digital Videography
Get our lensmen to videograph these live-action sessions. Rapidly experiment with angles, ranges, lighting conditions and moves.

Animation timing works best with a pre-recorded voice or other soundtracks. You could get Firefly's Voice Artists to record scratches in English, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada & Hindi.

Scratch Sound
Firefly has the facilities to scratch-record voice, sound effects & music. Alternatively, dig into our library of royalty-free sound effects & music tracks.

Line up the Pre-Vis shots and see if your scene works. Insert scratch soundtracks, live-action shots, re-order, delete, trim & re-time. Ask for new shots to be animated or shot live. Basically, juggle rampantly until you have the scene nailed your way.

Congratulations, you just pre-visualized all your scenes and everything looks great. What next? Extract shot-by-shot information for Cinematographers, Art Directors, VFX Supervisors & Producers. Arrive at accurate budgets & shoot plans. Want us to do all this? We will be glad!

Technical Development
Have an idea outside the realms of current possibilities? Put our Tech Devs on it rightaway. They will research, write code, build, test, innovate and generally live outside the realms to crack that all-consuming idea. Worth it.

Firefly charges transparent hourly rates for these services.