POST: Putting it on screen

The shoot is done and the edit is locked down. This is when VFX post-production takes off. Each shot will journey through multiple hands. Some will prepare it – stabilizing it, pulling mattes, rotoscoping, tracking it in etc. Other artists will embellish it with other elements – an animated creature, an explosion, that chandelier, those crowds, a landscape etc. Another bunch of artists will blend all these elements together. Some will go nuts scheduling & managing all these journeys, and some will ensure that everything looks good. And then it is ready to go on screen.

Firefly has been through scores of such journeys, and delivered big-time every time. We have a special something for conjuring uncommonly high quality. We have a great team to start with, but truly, it's how we adopt all your concerns as ours that produces these results. We offer you the following VFX Post services:

Visual Effects Supervision
Firefly's VFX Supervisor is ultimately responsible for an output that balances quality, budget & time. S/he is a constant judge & guide of artistry, technique & processes for all individual artists, teams & even different studios. Yes, s/he is still your pointsman for all VFX issues.

Visual Effects Management
The Firefly team that manages all the logistics. They schedule shots, distribute them, follow up with artists, liaison with third parties, control costs, manage emergencies, prepare reports... typically, they deal with endless lists of tasks daily.

CG Models
Characters, Props & Environments – one has to model them before they can be animated. CG Modeling at Firefly is all about precision, detail, high resolution & usability. With feature-grade detail as the starting point, we can even make you variants of the same model for further use in television, gaming, toys etc.

Character Animation
Ferocious aliens, slimy snakes, shark attacks... basically anything that looks or behaves like a real/fictional animal. At Firefly, we consider this the holy grail. To put an utterly believable CG character on screen, ah! Consequently, you will see our character animators obsessing over details that are usually ignored.

FX Animation
Explosions, smoky forms, waterfalls or even unnoticeable contact dust. The physics & mathematics of natural environmental phenomena controlled for artistic goals. This is what Firefly's FX artists do. When they are not sculpting ordinary smoke into a ghost, they are probably studying procedural earthquakes.

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Props Animation
Swords that go through bodies, slo-mo bullets, a bouncing ball etc. Often these are inanimate objects that are unviable to capture in live-action and ought to behave realistically on screen.

Motion Graphics
Titling, display graphics and such. With robust roots in Graphic Design, Firefly's motion graphics artists can style-in a definite character to your requirement. Understated, snappy, ornamental... choices choices!

The end of the line, where Firefly's compositors blend all elements together seamlessly. It's true that this team can make or break a shot. Being closest to the release date, they frequently work under tremendous pressure from all quarters. But equally frequently, they produce highly polished shots. Thumbrule for filmmakers: time your decisions to allow maximum time for compositing!

Firefly charges transparent hourly rates for Visual Effects Supervision and Visual Effects Management. Pricing structure varies for other VFX Post services.