Star Sports:PayTM T20 Trophy


Producer:Studio Eeksaurus
Director:E Suresh
VFX Supervisor:Murali Manohar

Being the part of a commune for whom cricket is not mere a sport but a religion, an opportunity presented by studio Eeksaurus to assist designing series of commercials announcing the upcoming series between national heroes and arch nemesis, electrified the entire team. Even though running in a vacuum tight schedule, we took the call to model and look dev the characters in-house, ensuring better design implementation and feasibility for finer mesh distortions. Providing complex emotional range to design concept constrained, hard-shape characters proved a quest uphill that our animators conquered successfully with the aid of rather crafty rigs. Texture stretching during intricate facial expressions is ingeniously tackled, rendering the characters with realistic appeal even midst of the extreme poses. Our entire team ran a battle against the time at all major fronts, delivering shots with-in nail-biting schedules.

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