Late 2008. Robot pre-production. Big project, big stars, big VFX, big stakes. How do we do it? How long will it take? How much will it cost? Answers were needed. Together, we nailed it down to one idea: PRE-VISUALIZE.

Let the entire crew be plugged into the Director's vision beforehand, so that nobody trips up, citing an unclear brief as a reason. And this is what they hired us for: to sit in with the Director & VFX Supervisor, ask the right questions, understand, extract, articulate & pre-visualize his cinematic vision, so that all crew members - irrespective of which language they spoke - could simply SEE it beforehand and plan their own parts likewise.

By all accounts, investing in this nascent idea paid off magnificently. As a single-point account of the Director's cinematic vision, Firefly's pre-visualization was proof-of-concept for the Director himself; a shooting guide for the VFX Supervisor & the DP; a design & animation blueprint for the Animatronics, Stunt Choreography & CGI teams around the world; and a planning & budgeting guide for the Producer. Everyone shooting at the same target. In the end, a feat of a film, on budget, on time, and a humongous blockbuster.

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Producer:Sun Pictures
Director:N Shankar
VFX Supervisor:V Srinivas Mohan
Firefly VFX Supervisor:Sanath PC