Producer:Mulakuppadam Films
VFX Supervisor:Murali Manohar

A 2016 Malayalam language action film directed by Vysakh, Pulimurugan saw Mohanlal playing the role of Murguan, a strong muscled, ferocious animal fighter from Puliyoor, a small forest village apparently infested with man eater tigers. Swearing for the protection of the villagers from tiger attack, Murugan actively hunts down man eaters and in the process also destroys people in illegal smuggling business.

Success of movie plot, seemingly based on complex action driven interactions with the tiger, complicated the involvement of real animal and redundant the use of the dummy model. Firefly approached the situation from digital perspective, aiding in generating a captivating fight sequence during previz, which is later to be deployed on the CG replica of the tiger. We set together in the bid to understand the animal anatomically in terms of physique, muscle flex, joint mechanics, overall range of motion and expressions. Keeping an eye on the realism and better dynamics, complex layers of muscle simulation and fur were applied atop the existing rig and numerous action sequences are animated and later composite with original shoots.

A very high-stake project, Pulimurugan helped to steadfast our character fx pipeline and rewarded our toil by proving a blockbuster on the screen, breaking all records for gross earn and earning critic and public appreciation for an overall action packed experience.

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