Producer:Vyjayanthi movies | Swapna Cinema
Director:Nag Ashwin
VFX Supervisor:Vinod Kumar P

Nag Ashwin directed, Mahanati is an evocative period drama biopic depicting the rise of Savitri to fame of Telugu and Tamil superstar followed by a chain of misjudgement and wrong decisions that saw her plummet to the life of misery and misfortune. The movie is highly appreciated critically and won many prestigious awards in different categories including National Film Award.

Portraying life from back in 60s and earlier, responsibility to replicate and recreate the entire cityscape fell heavily on Firefly Creative Studio. Post researching building styles and city plan of that era, digital sets are prepared for the buildings, streets and major city landmarks. Vijaya Vauhini Studio from back in 1960s is digitally recreated and flawlessly rendered with the actual shots. Negating the hassles of hiring and shooting with large supporting crew, city crowd donning outfits from the era, is computer generated and is put in place during the post production. Depicting a very long timeline, aging effect on actor's physique and facial detail, is meticulously worked upon digitally. We created the digital experience to transport audience back in the time, helping to spellbound them in this poignant period drama.

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