Producer:Vyjayanthi movies | Swapna Cinema
Director:Nag Ashwin
VFX Supervisor:Vinod Kumar P

This movie is an evocative biopic of Savithri, a beloved star of Telugu and Tamil cinema from the 1960s. A bold and surprising choice of subject given the rarity of biopics in the industry.

Portraying life from back in 60s and earlier, authentically, was our key challenge here. It required us to hunt down references by the tons. Thankfully, the filmmaking crew was fantastic, freely sharing materials, feedback and ideas. Be it the digital sets of Vijaya Vauhini Studios, Madras Central, Madras Streets, Parry's Corner etc, or several shots of digital crowds, or seamless digital prosthetics, this collaborative spirit showed up on screen.

Unsurprisingly, Mahanati went to on to become a runaway blockbuster in all the languages it released in. And received wide critical acclaim, including the Indian National Film Award and several international awards.

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