Kala Bhairava, the princess' bodyguard, must single-handedly battle 100 soldiers to protect her from an evil suitor. Treacherous enemy, precarious terrain: this is a one-way ticket to death.

Firefly's simple brief was to create a CG environment that magnified the sense of danger in this scene. So we went about concept art, miniatures, layouts, CG prototypes, breakdowns & production plans as prep. On location, supervised shoots, wrangled data & most usefully, kept checking shots out with onsite post-vis. Hmm, all par for the course, what's new. In post though, we did the Firefly Unexpected: with a few custom CGI tricks, we lent the visuals a wholly unexpected touch. Suddenly, Brutal became Poetic; Real became Fantasy; And the 'Scene', ever since, has become a 'Fable'.

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Producer:Geetha Arts
Director:SS Rajamouli
Firefly VFX Supervisor:Sanath PC