Kayamkulam Kochunni


Producer:Sree Gokulam Movies
Director:Rosshan Andrrews
VFX Supervisor:Suresh N

Shot in the backdrop of early 19th Century Kerala (INDIA), KAYAMKULAM KOCHUNNI an October 2018 release, Indian Malayalam language epic film portrays valorous deeds of KOCHUNNI, an indomitable character from local folklore who was recognized for his empathy for destitute and enmity towards violence and oppression by the affluent.

Meticulously designed and time-period coherent, character / background concepts and indiscernible VFX by FireFly Creative Studio, aided the movie to be recognized for its strong visuals while validating the storyline. Avoiding human interaction with much perilous creatures, CG characters are developed and introduced into rather complicated action sequences. A series of underwater, cyclone and other environmental effects strengthened the impact. A much constricted schedule and highly demanding details, made our work much indispensable for the movie.

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