Producer:God Pictures
Director:Prabhu Solomon
VFX Supervisor:Phani Eggone

A love story set against the backdrop of 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami, Kayal depicts in detail and at length, the terror and the aftermath of the tragedy.

Towering walls of water, decimating everything in the way, creating vast graves of water for all life forms inhabiting the town of Kanniyakumari, thus separating two young lovers. All this unfolding over a span of 20 minutes of screen time. Firefly was presented this challenge after a few others had failed at it.

To simulate a natural disaster of this magnitude - something that we were going to do for the first time - required all tricks up our sleeves and more. Recreating the entire location digitally, deploying enormous computing power, ginormous fluid sims, iterating them forever, visualizing large scale rigid body destructions, staging them from our own vantage points, building thousands of assets, smashing them together for interactions, using simulation programs that were still in beta, and so on... all the while ensuring that the shots have heart and not just technique.

And only releasing the project after we had utterly run down all our resources, with improvement wishlists still pending... this was the mother of all our passion projects yet. Unfortunately the movie did not fare well and not many even remember it. But it remains one of Firefly's best efforts.

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