Producer:God Pictures
Director:Prabhu Solomon
VFX Supervisor:Phani Eggone

Set against the backdrop of 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami, Prabhu Solomon directed Kayal is 2014 Tamil language film depicting the terror and the aftermath of the tragedy. Firefly is set with the task to simulate the actual event that saw towering walls of ocean water thrashing into Thiruvalluvar statue before throttling costal streets, creating water grave for all the life forms, and colossal destruction of the town.

To present a natural disaster of this magnitude, realistically, required us to deploy all tricks up our sleeves. Thiruvalluvar statue, the entire sea shore including unseen seabed and all visible parts of the town affected by tsunami are digitally recreated and merged with live footage. Precision was deployed in digitally rebuilding actual town pre 2004 event. Vast number of different assets representing debris is created to develop underwater effect and capture destruction caused to the town. Gigantic waves simulation, perfected over numerous iterations was made to precisely interact with CG elements, placed in coherence with the actual live footage of the town. This project challenged our team in all possible technical fronts and gave us satisfaction of coming out victors.

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