Producer:Lyca Productions
Director:K V Anand
VFX Supervisor:Murali Manohar

K.V.Anand directorial Kaappaan is a 2019 Indian-Tamil language action thriller film that portrays valorous deeds of Kathir, an indomitable special protection group agent who was tasked with the protection of the prime minister of the nation. Decoding myriad conspiracies involving chemical and biological warfare, he succeeds to locate and eliminate the root source of the terror, saving the nation from further mortal and economic loss.

A kaleidoscope to emotional and economic trauma faced by human population subjected to the biological warfare, KAAPPAAN had presented Firefly Creative Studio with a challenge to capture and enliven the attack of genetically altered locust swarm on the village crops at a time when the farmers were preparing to reap the saw. Being centric to the action, it became vital to capture the details of the insect in terms of looks, proportions and mechanics, in the CG model, at a minuscule level. Colour palette was carefully chosen depending upon biological and geographical constraints. Post an in-depth study of locust locomotion, wing unfurling technique and meticulously capturing the same in the CG shots, we set to study locust flight patterns and their eating behaviour while in gigantic swarms. To present mammoth swarms on the screen with varied volume and level of details while keeping the delusion of the reality intact, presented with its own unique challenges. To further heighten the sense of the enormity of the attack, our FX team tested and deployed many new tools and coded their way into varied swarm flight simulations. Special attention was rendered to the volume and depth of the swarm to reflect the emotion in each shot. A much constricted schedule and high focus on the nature of the details, made our work indispensable to the movie.

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