Producer:Lyca Productions
Director:K V Anand
VFX Supervisor:Murali Manohar

The movie portrays the deeds of Kathir, a solid Special Protection Group agent tasked with the protection of the Prime Minister of the nation. Decoding myriad conspiracies involving chemical and biological warfare, he succeeds in locating and eliminating the root source of this terror.

A kaleidoscope to the emotional and economic trauma faced by human populations subjected to biological warfare, Kaappaan presented Firefly the challenge of creating an attack of genetically-altered locust swarms on village crops at the time of harvest.

Being central to the action, it became vital to capture the details of the insect in terms of looks, proportions and mechanics at a miniscule level. After detailed studies of anatomy, locomotion, flight patterns, eating behaviors, mutations, color palettes etc, and backed by some indigenous coding, we could create digital locusts that could hold their own in close-ups as well as in large swarms. Delivered to a tight schedule, our outputs eventually managed to strike a fine balance between superfluous detail and the delusion of reality.

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