Producer:Sithara Entertainments
Director:Gowtham Tinnanuri
VFX Supervisor:Suresh N

Released in April’19, Jersey is an Indian-Telugu sports drama film that depicts the life and struggle of a budding ranji cricketer back in 1980s who lead his state team to ranji victory. Repeated rejections into the National team, attributable to a corrupt political system and heightened health issues, deterred and kept the player from the game for a long period. Story illustrates player’s anguish and circumstances that, a decade later, ushered him back to the game, and steered his state team to a spectacular victory.

Aerial view narrates the city in the 80's, an indiscernible effect produced by Firefly creative studio. Restoration of the stadium over the time necessitated it to be substituted with a CG replica enlivened with crowd cheering and celebrating the game. Enriching movie’s story and appeal, effects were added post-production to enhance emotions in the scenes. Constrained by budget, permissions and availability of actual stadium, the movie was shot at the local grounds and later integrated into the respective CG environments. Despite the limiting timeline, work was delivered by firefly creative studio, keeping its standards high on quality.

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