Infosys Shopping Trip 360

An aspirational film for the global launch of a hi-tech Retail Solution from Infosys.

ShoppingTrip 360 was a great Retail Solution. But you only had to sit through hours of talk, scores of power-points and hundreds of documents... or spend millions of dollars to buy & discover that. Ok, there was a great Communication Program in place too. But Infosys hired Firefly to crunch all this into a 2-min film that would grab CEO-level attention at the global launch. Within hours of the launch, global Retail biggies and the global media were predicting that ShoppingTrip 360 was going to revolutionize the shopping experience for Shoppers and Retailers. Which was exactly what our film had conveyed. It seems we had spent our 4 weeks well, asking & answering that one very simple question: "what's in it for the Shopper & the Retailer?"

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Infosys Co-ordinator:Sridhar Marri
Firefly Director:Phani Eggone
Firefly Cinematographer:Sanath PC
Music:Ranjan Sharma