Producer:Lyca Productions
Director:S Shankar
VFX Supervisor:Srinivas Mohan
Firefly VFX Supervisor:Sanath P C

All-pervading mobile phone networks in rapidly expanding urban sprawls drive millions of birds to extinction, causing an ornithologist to plan a lesson that we will not forget. A big-budget science fiction thriller, 2.0 presents nature's retribution to the damage inflicted on her by our insensitive usage of science & technology.

Our span of work involved performance-oriented animation of sparrows and other birds, simulation of large flocks, holographic HUDs & other motion design elements through which parts of the story were being driven forward, and other assorted scenes involving vehicles and such.

While our deliveries satisfied the movie's ambitions of scale, mechanical accuracy and stereoscopic impact, what satisfied us was that our team managed to impart a sense of soul to our scenes. That elusive ingredient which we are always happy to chase!

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