Downtown Films

The merry folks at Downtown Films - a new feature film production company - threw a great challenge at us: create a signature show-opener that announced their vision to the world. Only, they were not going to spell it out to us!

So, we engaged with them fluidly, talking, observing, calling, meeting, debating... even clashing, to intuit what they were all about. Result: from this apparent chaos, we produced & delivered a concept that blew all the fogginess away. They were a newborn idea, fragile, unsure of the journey ahead, but spirited enough to find their way, to make an impact, to entertain, to convert enemies into friends, to inspire success & celebration, and yet willing to start all over again for a higher calling. Just like their promoter. Brilliantly scored, and animated with great joy. You tell us if the pixels in this piece aren't actually emoting!

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Producer:Downtown Films
Downtown Co-ordinator:Ravi
Firefly Director:Phani Eggone
Music:Ranjan Sharma