Producer:Studio Eeksaurus
Director:E Suresh
VFX Supervisor:Murali Manohar

Lack of information causes a void of opinion, oppressing people to follow various social, economic, political dogma, manifesting parrot like behaviour of repeating already prevailing opinions. Totaa mat bano (don’t be a parrot), was Daily Hunt’s (an active news portal) pre-election campaign to apprise public of the need to break such tendency and be their own voice of change.

Don’t just repeat, get the right words to voice your own views. Studio FireFly chiseled the fore mentioned vision directed by studio EEKSAURUS into concept designs right through the launch of the campaign. During the process, along with engineering the cast mechanism to its implementation, we have successfully tackled issues like retaining bird’s natural profile and size proportions while ensuring its precise interaction with the human body through ever dynamic camera moves. Despite of multifaceted challenges, the project was delivered within a very limiting two week time frame.

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