Producer:Arka Media Works
Director:S S Rajamouli
VFX Supervisor:Srinivas Mohan
Firefly VFX Supervisor:Sanath P C

A massive undertaking that saw us transcend the traditional constraints of a project into World Building. Into designing characters and worlds such that they harmonize with each other and magnify their impact on the events they are involved in.

At Firefly, we designed the key characters of Baahubali, Sivagami, Bhallala Deva, Kattappa, Devasena, Bijjala Deva, the Kalakeya warriors and several others, to bring forth not only their physical appearance, but also their psychological range. This helped actors to get under the skin of their characters, while providing precise inputs to the Costumes, Make up and Art Direction teams.

Our approach to location design was that they had to be unique and believable. So we worked without references, choosing instead to be led by how these locations might have evolved civilizationally. How did this location come into existence? Who were the first inhabitants? Why did they build what they built? We framed and answered hundreds of such questions, making sure that all of them were accounted for in multiple visual design phases. The Mahishmati Kingdom, Battle fields, The Waterfall, and scores of interiors eventually appeared on screen with such immersive impact that they have become popular references thereafter. These character and location blueprints eventually proved to be the groundwork for a potential franchise.

We also executed multiple visual effects scenes, each one with its own unique challenge. Ranging from large-scale crowd simulations & locations in the Kalakeya war, to a gargantuan avalanche (which we had to execute in a crazy short schedule), to a highly nuanced performance of a snake and fish in a courtship scene, to the polio-stricken hand of Bijjala Deva, to the iconic scene of Kattappa stabbing Baahubali, to several other seamless composites... it was all an exciting experience of playing a key hand in the wars of human nature and those of nature herself!

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