Producer:Arka Media Works
Director:S S Rajamouli
VFX Supervisor:Srinivas Mohan
Firefly VFX Supervisor:Sanath P C

Baahubali- a massive undertaking that saw us transcend traditional constraints of the project definition, penetrate through the fine prints of the script, to design characters and worlds in cohesion to each other and to the magnitude of the events they influence. This immaculately laid down information blueprints proved to be the groundwork for the potential franchise.

At Firefly, we designed characters of Baahubali, Shivagami, Bhalladeva, kattapa, kalakeya and other key warriors, bringing forth their personalities in terms of power they with held while clearly defining their psychological range of emotion. Our designs not only presented strong characters on the screen, they helped actors to precisely understand and get under the skin of characters they are playing.

Mahishmati and Kalakeya worlds are impeccably designed based on the evolution of human civilization, dense forests to present richness of resources, focusing on the rivers and tributaries for trade and commerce and segregation of establishments in Mahishmati kingdom based on the social stature. This approach aided us in defining kingdoms that are deemed to be existing and at the some point of time, stealing no reference for the validity of its existence.

The epic war between Kalakeyas and the warriors of Mahishmati kingdom demanded visual depiction of chaos and strategy. While the strikes of blood thirsty Kalakeyas were disarrayed, technical prowess of highly organised Mahishmati warriors was depicted through impeccable battle strategies and the clash is skillfully captured with crowd simulation, rendering the impact of death and destruction in the war sequence. Deemed as a vital link in the story, simulation of avalanche, made more challenging by its massive magnitude is captured over multiple iterations to achieve a flawless impact, in a highly constrained time schedule. We are proud of having designed and implemented the wars of men and those of nature, in the movie.

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